Diabetes Meals on the Go- Traveling by Car

When you are on the road, convenience is key for meals and snacks. Here are ideas for what to eat for diabetes when you are traveling by car.

Pack a small cooler

Keep it simple: turkey on whole wheat bread, greek yogurt and carrot sticks

Gas station options

Single serving packs of nuts, string cheese, lower sugar protein bars (12 grams sugar or less, 10 grams protein or more), Skinny Pop single serving bags, Fairlife Core Power protein shakes, P3 protein snack packs, Oscar Mayer Natural meat and cheese plate.

Fast Food

I suggest stearing clear of fast food if possible. It’s expensive for what you get and packed with preservatives and sodium. If it is the only option, here are some suggestions:

Subway turkey or chicken 6-inch sub on multigrain flatbread, hearty multigrain or sourdough bread. A 6-inch sub here will be around 40 grams carbohydrate. Or try one of their “No Bready” bowls, which is essentially a salad. Choose one with chicken, turkey or roast beef and load up the veggies.

Burger joints- they are pretty similar so at any of these places opt for a larger sandwich and no fries. A medium fry has about 60 grams of carbohydrates. A large burger will be close to that from the bun. A smaller hamburger is about 30 grams carbohydrate. Look for a small salad as a side option or get fruit and save it for a snack. Choose a burger or grilled chicken sandwich over fried fish or fried chicken sandwiches.

Get a list of higher protein, lower carbohydrate foods here. Great for travel or home.

If you travel often and would like help with your nutrition, work with a registered dietitian through virtual visits.


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